PPF Scheme: The interest rate of PPF scheme has increased again, now you will get Rs 1.54 crore.

Many PPF Scheme are being run by the government. Through these schemes, the government is providing different benefits to the people. At the same time, there is also a scheme of PPF among them. On behalf of the government, people are provided benefits through the PPF scheme. However, if people invest money in PPF scheme, then some things need to be taken care of a lot. One of these important things is the interest paid on PPF.

PPF Scheme

The PPF scheme is under the Central Government. Investment can be made in this scheme for 15 years and it matures after 15 years. The central government provides investment and savings opportunities to the common people through PPF. Along with this, the interest rate given on PPF is determined by the Central Government. Please tell that at present 7.1 percent interest is being given annually through PPF.

Rules of PPF Scheme account

If you have a PPF account then you need to invest at least Rs 500 in it. The investment period in this scheme is 15 years. In this scheme, an earning person can deposit together in a financial year or invest a maximum of Rs1.50 lakh in a year.

PPF account advantages

PPF account follows EEE rule. That is, if a person invests Rs 1.5 lakh in a year, then he gets tax exemption. Apart from this, tax exemption is also available on its maturity. In this scheme, interest is given at the rate of 1.7 percent on investment, which is available in three months. The maturity of PPF account is 15 years. But investors can continue with the PPF account without withdrawing on maturity. The investor has the option to extend his PPF account for another 5 years even after maturity. That is, if you deposit Rs 417 daily, you can create a big fund for yourself.

Know immediately how to get lakhs of funds

Explain that if you start investing in PPF account at the age of 30 and increase your PPF account three times, then in such a situation the account holder will be able to invest in PPF account for 30 years. Suppose the investor invests Rs 1.50 lakh every year in the PPF account, then the total interest earned after 30 years of investment will be around Rs 1.54 crore. This calculation has been done on the basis that investors will get interest at the rate of 7.10 percent.

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