Now confirmed ticket will be available even 10 minutes before the train starts, Railways has started a new facility, know the new way to get confirmed ticket

Crores of people travel by train in India. Indian Railways is one such place which is always crowded as passengers travel from one station to another. When any person travels by Indian Railways, they make their ticket reservation in advance.

confirmed ticket

There is a lot of population in India, because of this there is a lot of crowd in the train. This is the reason that most of the people are not able to get confirmed tickets, but now railways has started a new service keeping its passengers in mind, under which confirmed tickets can be got 10 minutes before.

Now many people must be thinking that even after making reservation chart, how can tickets be booked in 10 minutes, yes it can happen. Today we will tell you about the new feature of IRCTC, which will make it easier for you to book tickets.

What is IRCTC?

This mobile application was launched by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. Through this you can book online railway ticket, live status, cancel booking etc. from your mobile phone. This is a great advantage for the passengers of Indian Railways as you will not have to stand in long queues to get tickets.

What are the features of IRCTC?

By visiting the official website of IRCTC of Indian Railways, you will get the option of chat or vacancy name in the booking window, from which you can check whether the seat is available in the train or not. Actually, due to this feature, the passengers who cancel their ticket booking at the last moment or for some reason, then the seat becomes vacant in the vacancy chart option, due to which this feature tells which seat in the train Is Empty.

Tickets will be booked only 10 minutes before

This feature allows you to confirm your ticket even after chart preparation. Due to this feature, it is also known that how many seats are vacant in the sleeper and first class bogies in the train. In the official website of IRCTC, this feature has been provided for those people who book tickets at the end time, but they do not get the seat. In this option, after filling your details, you will know in which bogie of the train the seat is vacant, after which you can confirm the booking.

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